Reading practice

To read and understand an Arabic text without diacritic marks (تَشْكِيلٌ), the reader must be able to infer short vowels (حَرَكَاتٌ) and other common marks such as sukoon (سُكُونٌ) and shadda (شَدَّةٌ). This requires a solid foundation in grammar (ٌنَحْو) and morphology (صَرْفٌ), and a fairly rich vocabulary.

The exercises on this site are designed to help you practice reading without diacritics. To learn how it works, click the link below.

List of exercises

Arabic for beginners
اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ لِلنَّاشِئِينَ

This is a famous book series for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Aimed primarily at young people, the texts from these books cover a range of topics ordered in increasing difficulty.

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